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Here you can download tracks for free without register or paying. SickWorldMusic is a system where people swap there musictracks. You also can be activ at our community with upload your favourite tracks on SickWorldMusic. We are offering you free music in all genres of electronic music (Hardcore over Hands Up to Electro). If you are searching a track, you can try our searchfunction at the Mainpage, or you register at our Board and post your Request there. To check out our site you should read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I download?

What is the password to unpack the files?

I have downloaded a .rar file, what shall i do now?

I can not unpack a .rar file?

It occur a error when i will upload a track at Userupload, why?

I am searching for a track, where should i post that?

I have uploaded a song in Userupload, where and when it will be released at the page?

I want to upload a file, how and where can i do this?